Wanda Lou Willis

Wanda Lou Willis is a folklore historian who specializes in Hoosier folktales and historic research.  She needed a website and facebook page.

Valparaiso Vasectomy Clinic

Valparaiso Vasectomy Clinic was a local business that needed a web presnece, we built them a custom site along with the a Facebook presence.

Tracee Lee Cocco

Tracee Lee Cocco a Start Trek Actress and Stunt woman.  We built her first web presence along with Twitter, Facebook and the website.

SSG David Nowaczyk Memorial Fund

SSG David Nowaczyk Memorial Fund needed a Website for their Fund.  They represent the Family of a Brother Mason and Shriner that was killed in Action while serving in the US Army during Operation Enduring Freedom

Simply Mellen

Simply Mellen a local Paranormal Investigator and Actress.  We built her a custom site and internet presence including twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

Savi Spray Tans

Savi Spray Tans new business no web presence we built them a custom site along with a Facebook presence.  

Portage Community Historical Society

Portage Community Historical Society  involved combining several outdated sites into one new complete site.  They are now able to easily maintain the content and keep the site updated.

Orlando Errand Service

Orlando Errand Service was a project to build a site that would highlight their services.  They choose a bright color scheme to grab your attention and pop.  It was a fun project to work with.

Orak Shrine

Orak Shrine of Michigan City Indiana.  This is my Shrine.  They also had a site designed in joomla that everyone hated to maintain.  I was appointment Public Relations Chairman and the first thing I did was to redesign the site in WordPress.

Northern Kentucky Paranormal Society

Northern Kentucky Paranormal Society had a facebook page but wanted a website.  We designed something that worked for them and then put in all of the content from years worth of information and pictures.